Aluminum Die Casting


Aluminum Die casting

We make die casting molds and parts for Automotive, Medical Devices, Recreational Vehicles, Truck Parts, Electrial, Lighting, Small Engines, Meters, Door-Window, Bathroom, Kitchen and more industrial products. Our aluminum die casting machines’ press is 150T to 800T. and the common materials are ADC12, ADC6, A380, A360, 413, 383, B390, A413 etc. 

We also provide rapid casting services included rapid investment casting & rapid gravity casting services. Check details at rapid casting China.


Post Processes

Post Processes

The dimensions of die casting parts must be controled under the tolerances. So there are many post processes after we get the draft parts by die casting. These post processes include: Gates Cutting, Deburring, CNC Machining, Phosphating etc. While CNC Machining includes drilling holes, Tapping, Milling key flats, boring key holes etc.

Surface Finish


We provide complete and excellent die casting parts. We have multiple options of surface finishing after die casting and imperative post processes. These surface finishings include: Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting; Powder Coating, Anodizing, E-Painting, E-Coating etc.