Mold Development

Mold Development

We have a toolroom and a engineering team for die casting mold’s design, DFM (design for manufacturing) review, mold flow analysis. We develop quality and low cost die casting molds for our inhouse use.

In addition, we export high quality and cost-effective die casting molds to global clients based on our 10+ years of export mold development experience. Our 1.2344(8407) steel mold can reach 80K mold life, and H13 steel has 50K mold life. We have rich experience to make advanced and complex molds: nulti-cavity, sliders, lifters, metal inserts etc.

We also make Rapid Tooling for die casting, check details at Rapid Tooling Services. For prototyping aluminum parts, vist us at Rapid Prototyping China.


die casting mold making

Export Mold Development

We develop Hasco and DME standard die casting molds for global clients. We fully understand clients’ manufacturing conditions, and develop quality molds as their requests.

Client will benefit our 10+ years experience of exported die casting mold development. Mature mold design and manufacturing will cut invisibale time and money cost at client’s die casting production processes.

Inhouse Mold Development

No one can know our inhouse manufacturing situation better than ourselves. So we can develop the most suitable and cost-effective molds that used inhouse. Under this situation, we can save cost 30%-40% than export molds. So, die casting in our factory is a good choice if you don’t have your own die casting factory.